TIMBEX is a manufacturing and distributing company of wood products in beech, oak, ash, maple, acacia, linden, walnut, cherry, poplar and other spices from Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian forests.

During the past 30 years it has been a reliable partner of the processing industry of wood and wholesale trade in Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland, UK, Italy, Poland, Hungary, China, Japan, Vietnam, India and other countries.

The long-term relationships with our business partners are proof of our reliability, flexibility and innovation.


We have extensive experience in the timber industry and offer expertise, pioneering technology and production processes, to provide the best results and the best option in each case.

We have a team of people trained to meet the needs of our customers and always offer experience and professionalism.

We deal with accountability and efficiency demands of our customers, always offering the highest quality products and services.

TIMBEX as professional team, highly skilled in both training and experience, has the necessary capacity to complete the monitoring of the entire process.




Over 30 years of experience, Timbex always has stunning wood quality. We work mostly with Oak, Beech, Ash, Basswood, Acacia, American Walnut and Hard Maple.

ash logs

TIMBEX supply logs to European and Asian countries. Our specialty is “White Ash” logs but also many other species from Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia


Most requested products are elements and they are part of sawn wood. We have elements in Oak, Beech, Acacia, American Walnut, Hardwood Maple, Ash and Basswood.


This products is made by Timbex Iberica. We can offer panels in Oak, Basswood, Beech, Ash, Acacia, American Walnut and Hard Maple. Just tell us your requirements.